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Telecom Broker Services

“Imagine a different kind of Partner”

The Art of What is Possible

1. Single Point of Contact

2. Person who understands your company, how you make decisions, and why

3. You get to hear the truth!

4. Unbiased opinion of multiple carriers and their product lines

5. As a broker we are invested in your long term success


6. We don't have a quota to make, we do what’s right for you

7. Same Pricing or lower pricing with same carrier or new carrier

8. We understand Next Generation Technology

9. Our Service is FREE, never a charge to use our services

10. Better RFP services for your company   

The Top 10 Reasons to use our Telecom Broker Services  ServicesServices


Pluto Networks Telecom Broker Service has partnerships with over 86 different carriers around the world and we can touch every country


A list of items you don’t get when working direct with a carrier account team


-Unbiased opinion of multiple carriers and their product lines

-Extra incentives and promotions as carrier account teams will hold these back for extra commission

-A six months notice on renewing contracts

-An account team who has no quota to fill and will work on your best behalf

Customer Quotes:

“We never knew how much we were over paying, Pluto Networks doubled our bandwidth for the same price we had been paying for 7 years. They did everything they said they would.”  CIO Retail Company


“Larry and his team are great, years of experience. They gave us six different solutions, went over the goods and bad's, pricing and what he thought would be best. Then reduced our cost by 12% worldwide, received 3 months free service. Pluto Networks was much better than working with our old carrier account teams who only wanted to push their solution” CIO Financial Unit


“I was tired of a different account person ever few years who only wanted a renewal contract. Pluto Networks is always there, one phone call, one contact. I even have the CEO’s cellular number. That’s a partner and not a carrier”. CFO Logistic Brand


“Customers never know how much they can save in telecom carrier cost until they work with Pluto Networks. Around 94% of all companies over pay by buying direct from a telecom carrier account team. When companies use our free service, they are impressed, happy, save money and they have a lifetime partner. It is possible to have a better partner”.


Larry Chaffin

Chief Executive Offices and Chairman

Pluto Networks

Email: Broker Services

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