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    Do know what you are really paying for your telecommunication carrier data/voice services?


Many companies go year to year just paying the same bills from their carriers without looking at other options. Those options could be lower cost, more bandwidth, better disaster recovery and better vendor



Pluto Networks is providing services for business infrastructure, specializing in the procurement, implementation and support of infrastructure technologies that are critical to day to day business operations. The most important part or this for our customer is that our service is free. Our service is paid for by the carriers, so there is no cost to the customer. We can provide lower cost with your same carrier or with a new carrier.


What do we do and how can we help you either save money or get more for your money? We will take your current network requirements for both your data and voice network, and then provide your company bids from other carriers. Being carrier independent we can provide our customer with the best price and architecture to fit their needs. In many cases our cost will be less than your current carrier as we sell you the same service for less as a reseller of every telecommunication carrier in

the world. You receive the same service, better vendor management for less.



Our services are free to the customers as all services to the customer are paid for by the

telecommunication carrier, that’s how you save more money. We don’t have the markup that your

current account representative adds to your bills. It is a win, win scenario for our customers as they

pay no money and lose no money with our service. Any CIO or CFO would realize the benefit we bring

and ROI we show to each customer.


These are the service we supply to all customers.


Services Bid Management

- Current Network Architecture Discovery and Analysis

- Needs and Goals Planning

- Network Design and Bid Specifications

- Current Network Architecture Discovery and Analysis

Project Management

- Create Project Timeline and Flow Chart

- Establish Vendor Responsibilities

- Coordinate Order Writing and Implementation

- Order Movement Surety

Maintenance and Support

- Trouble Ticket Resolution

- Billing Issue Resolution

- Vendor Dispute Mitigation

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              It is a free service, so you have nothing to lose


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